All students.

Riveting Results™ is a complete classroom solution to get your high school students—all of them—to read, and enjoy, complex texts.

Tested in urban and suburban classrooms for five years, Riveting Results is not just aligned with standards, but actually demonstrates extraordinary results
on summative assessments like the ACT.

Engaging approach to mastering complex texts

When many or most of your 9th graders are reading at a 4th-grade level, it can be hard to picture them reaching their potential. And each day brings the high-stakes tests that much closer. Riveting Results™ selects whole books that get students curious about what happens next.

And gives them the skills they need to find out. Once engaged and reading fluently, students invest the energy to tackle the challenges of reading—steadily building their capacity to enjoy, comprehend, interpret, and analyze complex texts.

Built to work in real classrooms

Other literacy programs, designed for perfect students in ideal classrooms, don’t work in every day schools. Riveting Results™ tests books and activities across hundreds of classrooms and includes only what works every day for all students. Our program gives real teachers everything they need to drive measurable growth with actual students: realistic lesson plans, classroom-tested classroom management tools, and progress reports that focus on the highest-impact next step.

In-person and remote PD sharpens teachers' ability to adapt the program to their students' needs. In urban and suburban districts, with struggling and accomplished readers, Riveting Results™ has generated dramatic, durable results by giving teachers the tools to get students to spend more time on task, reading and writing about complex texts.

We make it work for you

By engaging students in irresistible and rich texts, and by making the program itself simple and intuitive, Riveting Results™ positions the teacher to spend her time connecting with students about their observations and ideas.

The modular design allows teachers to mix independent, small-group, and whole-class activities that suit the needs of their students. Formative assessment and simple data visualizations make the next step obvious.

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Sponsored by College Board

Because the College Board sees that all students working with the Riveting Results program develop the skills they need to achieve in AP programs, it is sponsoring the next 10 schools to pilot the program. Go to the contact page and reach out to learn more.