Meet the amazing people behind Riveting Results®

A group of people working collaboratively to figure out how best to serve students and teachers make the program work and work to make the program better. 

Meet our reviewers

Classroom Success

Christine DiBuono

Director of Implementation and Professional Development

Jessica Tess

Assessment and Student Work Coordinator


Eduardo Bautista

Chief Technology Officer

Mariana Garcia Berrueta

Quality Assurance

Daniel Gaytan

Senior Engineer

Matthew Landry


Daniel Robles



Elizabeth Turner

Graphic Design


Miranda Schwartz


Contributing Writer

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Assessment & Student Work

Jess Tess

Director of Assessment

Our Reviewers

We have a large group of generous reviewers who give us the essential feedback we need to continue to make Riveting Results work better and better everyday. If we could, we’d list the students too—because of course the most valuable feedback is the work students produce while working with Riveting Results.

David Blake
Teresa Bradshaw
Jennifer Evans
Mary Carney
Sandra Creonte
Emily Golden
Maria Gaytan-Martinez
Bethany Crowe
Josephine Gomez
Lindsay Graf
Jessica Herrick
Kaitlin Grafmeier
Allison Jacobsmeier
Erica Johnson
Emily Jones
Anna Kuperman
Dayton Lueck
Keller McGuinness
Lauren Krage Ausloos
Rachel Lenkei
Shirley Jones
Charlie Lavin
Madelyn Kempen
Jack Wallace
Pat Scully
Elizabeth Tess
Dale Truding
Christina Toro
Cory Warfield

What about standards alignment?

Riveting Results is not only aligned with ELA standards but has demonstrated results on summative assessments like the ACT.

The College Board is sponsoring pilots of Riveting Results because they have seen that the program prepares all 9th and 10th grade students
to read AP-level texts by 11th and 12th grade.

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