Riveting Results®

For all 9th and 10th grade students reading
below, at, or above grade-level.

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Hook your students with books tested with adolescent readers

Riveting Results grounds student work in whole books, tested with 1000s of students for engagement and knowledge building. 

As students work on activities that draw them into the text and provide skills data, the teacher walks around the classroom, focusing on students' ideas, their engagement with the text and their skill development. 

During small group and whole class discussions, the teacher calls on students to share different approaches to the text.

Student Engagement & Teacher Impact

The Riveting Results program positions teachers to use their time and energy to get the most out of their students.

The teacher paces the reading and activities, determining which activities students will do to understand each section of text. While Riveting Results activities guide students to engage with the text and each other, teachers work with students individually and in small groups to facilitate discussions about the text and to respond to students' writing.

The Riveting Results apps help the teacher present student work side by side with the actual text to support whole class discussions.

Meanwhile, the apps visualize for the teacher students' productivity and skill proficiency, saving the teacher hours of time figuring out how to assess work and differentiate instruction.

The Program

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An inductory unit prepares students for routines and mindset they need to achieve success all year long


Book units are organized into activity modules that teachers can deploy in order to develop 4 high leverage reading skills


Content is delivered through web apps and, alternatively, through print materials


Professional development happens either on-site or remotely


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An introductory unit prepares students for the routines and the mindset they need to achieve success all year long.

Book units are organized into activity modules that teachers can deploy in order to develop four high leverage reading skills.

Content is delivered through web apps and, alternatively, through print materials.

Professional development happens either on-site or remotely.


Students read a book one section at a time,
practicing just the skills they need.
Each activity builds students' understanding
of particular sentences and short passages,
enabling students to appreciate the author's unique insights
and to develop their own.

The Method Explained


Students tackle complex text by building oral fluency with short passages.


Students answer multiple choice questions and work with peers to uncover their misconceptions about the text.


Students observe the author's choices of sytnax and vocabulary and show exactly what they think each sentence means.


Students practice developing insight into small bits of text and then broaden their ideas about a range of passages.

Putting the pieces together

As students gain facility with fluency, they can attend to the challenges of rereading and finding misconceptions. Once rereading becomes routine, students can attend to paraphrasing particular sentences to interpret the text. And finally, when students can read fluently, understand the key points, and interpret sentence by sentence, they can analyze what the author is trying to do.

As students practice each of these skills, the routines become encoded in their long term memory. Then, with each new section of text, students can enjoy how the author develops the plot and characters as well as new topics and ideas.

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