Riveting Results uses the latest findings from the science of reading and brain science and decades of experience teaching reading and writing in urban and suburban schools to craft activities that engage all students in reading whole books of complex text.

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Why is it critical that high school students read complex texts every day?
Why do Riveting Results students read whole books rather than excerpts?
Why does Riveting Results assign only two books in ninth grade and two books in tenth grade?
How is the Riveting Results approach different from that of other curriculum publishers?
How does Riveting Results meet the needs of students of color?
How does Riveting Results meet the needs of English Learners?
How are students able to skip reading levels as a result of RR’s fluency activities?
How does Riveting Results support the needs of special education students?
How does Riveting Results support students’ social-emotional learning (SEL)?
What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?
Why doesn’t the Riveting Results program include homework?
Will this program work if we add it to what we are already doing?
What about writing?

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