The teachers can explain best.

What happens in a classroom when all students are fully engaged in reading whole books filled with complex text?


Special Education Teacher
Aug Prep, Milwuakee

Posting Student Writing


When we display student writing it’s affirming for students, What I find powerful is that It doesn’t have to be an exemplar in the way that we used to think of an exemplar. We are acknowledging that a part of the writing included an incredible thought, or something that the reader wanted to know more about. It makes the student writer think that the next time they will write more because the teacher and their classmates want to know more about what they think.


What about standards alignment?

Riveting Results is not only aligned with ELA standards but has demonstrated results on summative assessments like the ACT.

The College Board is sponsoring pilots of Riveting Results because they have seen that the program prepares all 9th and 10th grade students
to read AP-level texts by 11th and 12th grade.

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